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Mr Joseph Ting is the founder of Messrs Joseph Ting & Co. He was conferred his Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Law and Economics with Honours (Second Class Upper) from the University of Keele in 1989 and completed his Certificate of Legal Practice in 1990 and was called to the Bar on 4 October 1991. He has been in active practice of law for more than 20 years.

Over time, he has cumulated vast experience in various areas of law. His scope of exposure in the legal practice is wide-ranging and includes areas of law from corporate, commercial drafting, complex land transaction to civil litigation matters. His extensive experience includes advising clients on extensive legal issues, as well as regulatory and administrative requirements.

As for commercial matters, Mr. Ting had the opportunity to handle the drafting of commercial contracts which includes the following transactions:-

  1. Contracts for the Biomass Power Plant project which includes the preparation of the Equipment Procurement and Construction Contract, the Maintenance and Operation Contract, the Performance Guarantee Contract, etc;
  2. Concession Agreement for the Built, Operate and Transfer arrangement of a college campus;
  3. Joint Development Contracts;
  4. Sale and Purchase Agreements for acquisition of companies and businesses; and
  5. Subscription Agreements and Shareholders’ Agreements.

B. Soc. Sc (Hons) Keele, CLP





Mr. Tan is a law graduate from University Kebangsaan Malaysia. He graduated with Second Class Upper and he was called to the Bar in 2006. His expertise is in litigation and alternative dispute resolution and has been in active legal practice for almost a decade, he has had the privilege of appearing as counsel for high profile individuals, private entities, public listed companies as well as local and international corporations in various civil and commercial litigation matters.


He has conducted full trials in both the Subordinate Courts and the High Court in addition to handling numerous hearing of appeals in the Court of Appeal. Mr Tan has also been involved as counsel in numerous Arbitration matters and has also conducted trials at the Labour Courts and the Industrial Courts.


As Mr Tan spends many hours doing research into the laws for his litigation matters, his knowledge of the law is well rounded and in depth. He is currently heading the Litigation Department handling various civil and commercial suits.

At the request of our clients’ he is also involved in reviewing, drafting and negotiation of some of our clients’ commercial contracts contributing his vast litigation knowledge into the formation of the contract and building some pre-emptive measures into the contracts to protect our clients’ interest.

He also advises on infringement and protection of Intellectual Property related laws.

His area of practice includes the following:-

  1. Arbitration on construction matter and Timber Concession dispute.
  2. Building and Construction Disputes including Employer, Main Contractors and Subcontractors Disputes
  3. Hire Purchase and Foreclosure proceedings including Banking and Private Commercial Security Transactions
  4. Injunctions including Mareva, Anton Pillar, Mandatory and Prohibitory Injunctions
  5. Family and Inheritance Law
  6. Bankruptcy and Winding up
  7. Debts Recovery
  8. Committal Proceedings
  9. Landlord and Tenants Disputes including Distress and Eviction
  10. Banking Law
  11. Employment and Industrial Relations
  12. Specific Performance
  13. Defamation
  14. Goods Sold and Delivered

LLB (Hons) University Kebangsaan Malaysia

Keng Aik Mei

Ms Keng Aik Mei obtained her LLB degree from University of Malaya with honours in 2008. Upon graduation, she served as a Federal Counsel in the International Affairs Division of the Attorney General’s Chambers from July 2008 to November 2010. During her stint in the Chambers, she was assigned to represent Malaysia in various international meetings on Malaysia's legal framework and legal position in respect of criminal law and humanitarian law as well as providing legal advice and legal opinion to Government’s Ministries and agencies. She was granted the exemption from chambering by the Attorney General and was called to the Bar on 19 March 2010 during her service in the Attorney General’s Chambers. It was also during this period that she obtained her Masters in Law (LLM) from University of Malaya in 2011. She joined the Firm on 15th November 2010.                                                                                                                                                                   

When she first joined Joseph Ting & Co, she was assigned to the litigation department and she was in charge of litigation files which include divorce proceedings, probate and administration, bankruptcy and winding up petition, landlord and tenants disputes including distress and eviction, contentious conveyancing suits, civil suits and construction disputes at the Subordinate Courts, High Courts and even the Courts of Appeal. Subsequently due to internal reshuffling of workforce, she was assigned to fill up the position as the head of the project conveyancing department. Throughout her stint in the project conveyancing department, she was tasked to do all ordinary conveyancing and banking works which include but not limited to direct purchase from developer (under construction, completed construction, completed with strata or individual title, leasehold and freehold, with and without restriction in interest, etc), subsequent sale and purchase agreement, loan and security documentations (for both assignment and charge cases) for both conventional banks and Islamic financial institutions, perfection of transfer and charge, deed of receipt and reassignment, discharge of charge, and banking, enterprise and business loan documentations.


Since becoming a partner of the Firm, she has been tasked to handle contentious conveyancing matters which involved multiple stakeholders and numerous legal issues, in particular administration of the estate. The highest sale and purchase of land transacted value which she has handled thus far is a record of RM131 million. Her legal advice, opinion and drafting are consistently sought by local and foreign banks as well as various esteemed developers in Klang Valley for wide-ranging matters from rights and remedies to liabilities and obligations of the parties whom she act for as well as against.    

LL.B (Hons) (Malaya)
L.L.M (Hons) (Malaya)